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Will You Still Need Contacts After LASIK Eye Surgery?

OAV Team | 01/20/2021

LASIK surgery in Los Angeles can help improve your vision. Learn whether you still need contact lenses or glasses after getting laser vision surgery.


When Can You Wear Makeup After Laser Cataract Surgery?

OAV Team | 01/13/2021

Understanding recovery after laser cataract surgery helps you be prepared and for surgery to be most successful.


Standard vs Premium IOLs. Which is Best For Your Vision?

OAV Team | 01/09/2021

Want to achieve clear vision after a cataract diagnosis? Learn the difference between standard and premium IOLs and how they address cloudy vision.


The Difference Between MIGS and Traditional Glaucoma Surgery

OAV Team | 12/29/2020

While traditional glaucoma surgery is safe and effective, MIGS uses minimally invasive methods to lower intraocular pressure and protect your vision.


How Does the Pentacam Decide Who Is A Good LASIK Candidate?

OAV Team | 12/23/2020

The Pentacam is a powerful diagnostic tool that helps our ophthalmologists measure the cornea's integrity and thickness before undergoing LASIK.


How Safe Is Swimming After Laser Cataract Surgery?

OAV Team | 12/12/2020

Laser cataract surgery is a great way to improve vision issues. Avoiding swimming and a few other things are vital, however, for successful recovery.


How is Pseudophakia Diagnosed?

OAV Team | 12/09/2020

After undergoing cataract surgery, pseudophakia IOLs are artificial lenses that we implant into the eye to replace your damaged, natural lenses.


What to Expect After Glaucoma Surgery?

OAV Team | 11/24/2020

Glaucoma surgery can help treat pressure on the optic nerve, reduce the chances of vision loss, and has minimal glaucoma surgery side effects.


Can My Farsighted Vision Be Corrected With LASIK?

OAV Team | 11/17/2020

LASIK surgery in Los Angeles may be able to treat common vision issues such as farsightedness. See if you are a candidate for LASIK vision correction.


Comparing Laser Cataract Surgery vs. Traditional Cataract Surgery

OAV Team | 11/10/2020

Understanding the differences between laser surgery and traditional surgery for cataracts is important.


What Are the Advantages of Multifocal IOLs?

OAV Team | 11/03/2020

Cataracts cause negative effects that require professional treatment, like multifocal IOLs or artificial lenses, which offer a variety of benefits.


What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Glaucoma?

OAV Team | 10/27/2020

Eye pain and seeing halos around lights are common glaucoma symptoms. Improve your eye health and learn how to treat glaucoma at our vision clinic.


Five Common Mistakes to Avoid After LASIK Surgery

OAV Team | 10/20/2020

LASIK surgery in Los Angeles can correct refractive errors and improve your vision. Learn what to expect after LASIK and how to care for your eyes.


At What Age Do Cataracts Begin to Develop?

OAV Team | 10/13/2020

Cataracts happen when the proteins in the eye's lens start to break down, which causes uncomfortable symptoms, like foggy vision, halos, or glares.


How Long Can IOL Implants Last?

OAV Team | 10/06/2020

How long do cataract lenses last? Learn about the benefits and risks of laser cataract surgery in Los Angeles, including the longevity of your IOLs.


Can Glaucoma Cause Blindness If Left Untreated?

OAV Team | 09/24/2020

Caused by pressure on the optic nerve, glaucoma is a progressive disease that can lead to vision loss or total blindness without early detection.


Is It Possible to Fix Astigmatism With LASIK?

OAV Team | 09/18/2020

If you want to avoid wearing contacts or glasses and you have astigmatism, learn how LASIK reshapes the cornea, which helps improve your eyesight.


Who Makes A Good Candidate for Laser Cataract Surgery?

OAV Team | 09/11/2020

Blurry vision can prevent you from performing tasks like reading or driving. See if you are a candidate for laser cataract surgery in Los Angeles.


What Causes the Need for A Pseudophakic IOL?

OAV Team | 09/03/2020

Patients with blurry or cloudy vision may need cataract removal surgery. Learn what causes cataracts and how a pseudophakic IOL works in our office.


What is Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)?

OAV Team | 08/26/2020

Glaucoma treatment has come a long way in recent years. Microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) is a minimally invasive way to treat optic nerve damage.


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