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Entropion and ectropion are eye conditions that impact the health of a patient’s eyelid. Both of these conditions can create painful symptoms and may even damage your overall vision and ocular health. Patients who have these disorders suffer from an eyelid that goes inward or outward, which creates irritation and inflammation to the eye. Luckily, our expert group of board-certified ophthalmologists at Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley are very talented at performing complex treatments for entropion and ectropion. Additionally, we strive to provide tailored and specialized services that help address your issue and help you live a better life. Please contact either of our offices in Encino or West Hills, Los Angeles to learn more about these conditions and the innovative treatments we offer.


Entropion affects the lower eyelid, causing the eyelid(s) to turn inward onto the surface of the eye. When this happens, the eyelashes and lid start to scrape against the eye, which creates severe pain. Entropion may also cause excess tear creation and red eyes because of the constant rubbing.


Ectropion happens when the lower eyelid turns too far outward. With this condition, too much of the eye’s surface and lower tissues are exposed. This can cause painful symptoms, which may include a continuous burning feeling, constant red-eye, and excess tear production.

Am I a candidate for EYELID REPAIR?

If you suffer from painful symptoms and sight problems associated with entropion and ectropion, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We want you to live a more comfortable life and reduce the impact caused by these conditions. For patients who suffer from any of the following symptoms, please call one of our offices in Encino or West Hills. Symptoms may include:

  • Noticeable irregular eyelid curvature (points inward or outward)
  • Growth of a benign or cancerous tumor on or near the eyes
  • Painful, inflamed, or abscessed eyelid
  • Weak muscles that surround the eyes
  • Pain or numbness to a nerve or facial muscle


Before your treatment, our ophthalmologists may prescribe specialized eye drops that alleviate pain. You can use the drops until your scheduled appointment. During the surgery, our ophthalmologists use a minimally invasive, oculoplastic surgical method to gently restructure the eyelid and restore its normal curvature.

Generally, we can complete the procedure in an hour or less. To start with, our ophthalmologists will provide a local anesthetic to help you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Once you are completely numb, your eyelid is reshaped to help restore its natural curve and appearance. Some patients might require additional tissue removal to create the best outcomes. Entropion or ectropion eyelid reconstruction is a very personalized surgery that we tailor to meet your unique concerns and needs. It can create long-lasting results, which enhance your appearance, improve your overall eye health, and most importantly, your quality of living.

What to expect after eyelid repair

Following your procedure, one of our Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley team members will provide detailed aftercare instructions and schedule additional visits. During your recovery, it’s vital for you to attend all of your appointments and closely follow your post-operative instructions so your eye heals correctly. At a later time, our ophthalmologists will remove the stitches and continue to monitor your recovery. As you age, you might experience a relapse of entropion or ectropion because your body starts to lose its natural elastin.

Eyelid repair FAQs

What causes entropion and ectropion?

Natural age is one possible cause of entropion and ectropion. This is because our skin becomes thinner and less elastic over time. Trauma to the eye, previous surgery, medications, and certain medical conditions can also lead to these conditions. Our board-certified ophthalmologists can perform a health assessment to diagnose your condition before providing treatment recommendations.

What if entropion and ectropion go untreated?

Untreated conditions like entropion and ectropion can lead to severe pain, excess tear production, or abscesses that may threaten your vision. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you notice any changes in your eye’s appearance or function. Our Los Angeles, CA, team works hard to protect your vision and make sure you have the best possible outcomes.

Why choose us for eyelid repair?

Our entire staff at OAV is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of conditions that affect the eyes. We offer the latest surgical techniques to repair entropion and ectropion and help you regain a healthy, functional, and cosmetically pleasing appearance. Our custom approach means that you will always receive the individualized care and attention you deserve.

Seek Relief Today

At Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA, our team is dedicated to providing patients with the skilled and expert care they need for optimal eye health and clear vision. If you have pain or vision issues because of an entropion or ectropion eyelid, our ophthalmologists can create a tailored treatment plan that stops painful symptoms and helps restore your eye health. For additional information, please contact either of our locations in Encino or West Hills.


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