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At Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA, we offer treatments and diagnostic testing for retina conditions. Patients can receive treatment for diabetic retinopathy, flashes and floaters, macular degeneration, macular hole and pucker, and retinal tears and detachments. Treatments may include CentraSight telescope, scleral buckle surgery, or vitrectomy. No matter your need, you'll receive top-notch care and a detailed treatment strategy that meets your needs. Please schedule an eye exam appointment to have one of our Los Angeles, CA ophthalmologists review your ocular health.

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To help improve central vision for patients with end-stage, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), we perform CentraSight Telescope implant surgery.

As one of the main reasons for blindness in adult men and women with Type 1 or 2 diabetes, diabetic retinopathy affects the veins within the retina.

Caused by congealed vitreous fluid, flashes and floaters appear as bright lightning flashes or tiny black squiggles that drift across the eye.

Wet and dry macular degeneration is a serious and progressive eye disease that impacts the macula, which requires treatment to prevent vision loss.

Macular holes and macular puckers cause blurry and distorted vision and may require advanced eye surgery to help reduce these uncomfortable symptoms.

Anti-VEGF retinal injections help improve retinal conditions, such as wet macular degeneration, by temporarily reducing the growth of irregular veins.

As a natural occurrence when we age, retinal tears and detachments happen when the vitreous fluid in between the lens and retina starts to decrease.

Scleral buckle surgery helps repair a torn or detached retina by attaching a semi-hard plastic buckle to the scleral, which prevents further damage.

A vitrectomy is a delicate eye surgery that involves the extraction of vitreous fluid to give ophthalmologists better access to any retinal damage.

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