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"A lifetime of care for your eyes."

At OAV, our mission is to offer the best vision care anywhere. This vision motivates everything that we do whether it's investing in the latest technological advances, providing the most modern surgical procedures, utilizing the most experienced, skilled, and caring surgeons, and employing passionate, friendly, and compassionate staff. We strive to provide each patient with the highest quality of care whether it's a complex glaucoma patient or a young child getting her first pair of glasses. We do this to provide a lifetime of care for your eyes.

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Located in the beautiful San Fernando Valley, CA, Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley has two convenient locations in Encino and West Hills. To make it even easier on you, both locations have state-of-the-art diagnostic and comprehensive eye exam equipment to help fit you for contact lenses and eyeglasses. If you need glasses, we have an in-house optical shop with a variety of frames available in different styles and price points. In addition to routine eye exams, our group offers treatment for advanced conditions, including glaucoma, retinal tears, macular puckers and holes, and cataracts. You may also be interested in laser refractive surgery, including LASIK or PKR. If so, our expert ophthalmologists have years of experience helping patients in the area, and they were at the forefront of refractive laser surgery in San Fernando Valley and have continued to be prolific within the area with best industry knowledge and research. We encourage you to read through our list of vision services, and please call either location for additional information.

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Peter Zeegen, M.D.

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Dr. David Aizuss

David Aizuss, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Aizuss.
Dr. Brad Elkins

Brad Elkins, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Elkins.
Dr. Mark Kramar

Mark Kramar, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Kramar.
Dr. J. David Karlin

J. David Karlin, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Karlin.
Dr. Stanley Kopelow

Stanley Kopelow, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Kopelow.
Dr. David Lazar

David Lazar, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Lazar.
Dr. Stanley Saulny

Stanley Saulny, M.D.

Learn more about Dr. Saulny.

Our Services

At Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley, our skilled team of ophthalmologists provides advanced treatments for San Fernando Valley patients. With attention to detail and a dedication to our patients, we provide optimal results through personalized treatments.

About Our Facilities

Each aspect of our Encino and West Hills, CA facilities has been carefully curated to give our team of ophthalmologists the ability to provide optimal, comfortable eye care. With state-of-the-art technology, we offer personalized treatment plans that best meet the needs of our San Fernando Valley patients. It is our goal at Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley to provide the best possible patient experience for improved results.

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"Very complete exam."



"Very kind and personable."



"Very nice Dr. Always answers questions with kindness and competence."



"Than you professional care"



"Brad is great. He is a terrific diagnostician, thorough in his exam and explanation. The office on the other hand is awful. I was used to waiting 45-90 minutes pre-Covid and accepted that to see him. But during Covid, I was told that fewer doctors were working at the same time so there would be fewer people waiting in the waiting room and much shorter wait times as patient visits would be scheduled further apart. None of that was true. I still had to wait 45 minutes to get into a room. And a person working in the office said that they never had said that to anyone. They get to everyone eventually, when they have the rooms and personnel available. If you are only going once a year, and plan for a long wait (bring a jacket because it can be quite cold while waiting), then it is worth seeing him."




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Learn more about Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley and how to contact one of our San Fernando Valley locations to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your innovative eye care options.