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what are Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses?

Rigid gas-permeable lenses have become another helpful treatment option for patients who want to reduce the need for corrective contact lenses or eyeglasses. Made from various advanced plastics, these specialized lenses can temporarily prevent the progression of myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia, and astigmatism. When worn overnight, this treatment, also known as orthokeratology, helps reshape the cornea and may work as an alternative to LASIK or lower the need for glasses. However, we do not recommend orthokeratology since it may permanently warp the corneal shape in some patients. We offer highly breathable gas-permeable lenses that have been FDA approved for wearing while you sleep. To learn more about contact lenses for vision correction, please call either of our locations in Encino or West Hills and schedule an appointment. Our expert ophthalmologists at Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley can discuss your goals and see if rigid gas-permeable lenses might work for you.

are gas-permeable contact lenses right for me?

If you have mild or moderate myopia (with or without astigmatism), rigid gas-permeable contact lenses might work well for you. Children and young adults who prefer not to wear glasses or are too young for LASIK or other refractive surgeries may also benefit from contact lenses.

Rigid gas-permeable contact lenses also help patients who suffer from a condition called keratoconus, which causes the cornea to look cone-shaped and creates severe distortion.

What can i expect with gas-permeable contact lenses?

Contact lenses, whether rigid gas permable or soft contact lenses are an alternative to wearing eyeglasses for many different activities. We have an outstanding contact lens fitting staff and technicians who will teach you how to place and remove the contact lenses from your eyes.

How do i wear gas-permeable contact lenses?

Contact lens wear is safe, but it does have an increased possibility of infection. It is critically important for patients to maintain good hygiene habits when handling your lenses. Before touching your lenses to put them in each day, you will need to wash your hands, which decreases the risk of infection when touching your eye. Next, after taking your lenses out for the day, patients should soak them in a sterile case and use an approved cleaning solution to keep them moist and clean. For most rigid gas-permeable contact lenses, there are a variety of excellent cleaning solutions, but our team will provide detailed instructions on the best products to use.

Gas-permeable contact lenses FAQs

Can I wear gas-permeable contacts if I play sports?

Gas-permeable contact lenses offer many benefits to athletes or adults of all ages who play sports. Glasses and goggles can fog, fall off, or steam up. But our special lenses create a clear vision and are less likely to cause problems. Now you can leave your glasses behind for good!

Are gas-permeable contacts affordable?

Gas-permeable contact lenses last longer than soft contacts that tend to be expensive because they're replaced frequently. The team at Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley wants to make sure everyone can afford treatment, which is why we offer easy payment plans at our facility. Ask about financing options when calling for an appointment.

Do gas-permeable contacts hurt?

It does take a little time to get used to gas-permeable lenses in Los Angeles. However, lens discomfort does not last. The majority of our patients say they're comfortable within a short amount of time. If you experience issues with your contacts or vision, call our clinic for an appointment right away.

correct your vision today

If you suffer from mild or moderate astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), or hyperopia, we may prescribe rigid gas-permeable contacts to help correct your vision. If you want to learn more about this interesting treatment and find out if it is right for you, please call one of our locations in Encino or West Hills to schedule an appointment. Our ophthalmologists at Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA look forward to helping you see better!


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