Los Angeles, CA | Introduction to Panoptix | Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley

This video will introduce panoptix with David Aizuss


David Aizuss: Hi, I'm Dr. David Aizuss with Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cataracts and are interested in learning more about your lens options, ask us about the PanOptix IOL today. We pride ourselves in bringing the latest in cataract technology to our patients, and the PanOptix IOL offers an exciting opportunity for you to enhance your vision at the time of cataract surgery. Please watch this short video to learn more about the PanOptix lens, and we look forward to helping you seize life without cataracts.

Speaker 2: You could look at cataract surgery simply as a procedure that nearly everyone will experience. But when you take a closer look, you'll find a once in a lifetime opportunity to brighten your future by enhancing your vision. Cataracts cloud the natural lens of your eye, so your surgeon will replace that cloudy lens with a new artificial one. Your basic option, the monofocal lens, clears your vision at a distance, but you will likely still need glasses to see up close. The PanOptix lens, the first and only trifocal lens in the US, let's you see far away, at arms length, and up-close with clarity. So you can see the vibrant details of your life without straining to focus and with less reliance on glasses. Look on the bright side of cataract surgery. Seize life without cataracts. Ask your eyecare professional about the PanOptix lens today.