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Explore this video which discusses the different aspects of cataract ORAsurgery.


Speaker 1: Could you choose a more precise surgery? No one chooses to have cataracts, but you can choose how you want them treated. Just like you can customize your cataract surgery with your choice of lens, you can customize the procedure with the ORA System. By choosing the ORA System, you could achieve a better visual outcome after surgery.

Speaker 1: So how does the ORA System work? Its revolutionary technology analyzes your eye to provide detailed measurements and like a GPS, it guides your surgeon through the procedure. Also, because it assesses your eye during surgery, it provides information to your surgeon in real time. How could surgery with the ORA System help improve your vision? The ORA System may make your surgical procedure more accurate. If you've previously had LASIK, the ORA System could work really well for you and it's also a great option for people with astigmatism.

Speaker 1: Is the ORA System right for you? Invest in the future of your vision to see how you could benefit from the ORA System. You could even reduce your need for glasses after the surgery. Discover a more precise cataract surgery. Talk to your doctor today about joining the half a million cases that have chosen the ORA System.

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