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This video explains The Tecnis Toric IOL and how it not only delivers excellent spherical correction but beautifully sharp vision as well.


Speaker 1: Toric lenses and amazing months. For someone like me, I have to say, I'm so grateful.

Speaker 2: It's well worth the expense. I'll do it again if I have to do it again.

Speaker 3: I just should have done it much much sooner.

Speaker 4: When light passes through a clear lens, the light can focus to a point creating a clear view. Over time, the lens can become cloudy or opaque developing into a cataract. When light passes through a cataract, the light gets distorted, creating a blurred view. Compared to vision with a clear lens, your vision with a cataract may look fuzzy or cloudy and colors might be muted. These visual disturbances from cataracts are progressive and when they become bothersome or limit your daily activities, it's time to consider treatment.

Speaker 4: In addition to cataracts, many people also have vision affected by astigmatism. In a healthy human eye, the cornea is round in shape like a basketball. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is shaped more like a football. As a result, light entering the eye cannot focus sharply on the retina causing vision that appears blurred and stretched. Together, astigmatism and cataracts may drastically impair the vision you rely on for daily activities.

Speaker 1: I was trying to decorate my room, brought some carpets to the store to match some colors for a bedspread and I couldn't figure out the colors and I couldn't figure out why.

Speaker 3: It was difficult to do things as the cataract kept growing.

Speaker 2: I enjoy golfing and it got to the point to where I could not see my golf ball where it went. I'd hit my drive and immediately look behind me to my partners say, "Okay, where did it go?"

Speaker 1: One of the things that I stopped doing was driving at night. I'm 57 years old, who stops driving at night?

Speaker 3: When I found out what was available at the Toric lens, I just said that the game is over. That's what I want.

Speaker 4: The Tecnis Toric 1-piece lens provides a single solution that treats both cataracts and astigmatism giving you clear, crisp vision with less dependence on glasses for distance vision. If you have astigmatism, a standard lens will not completely correct your distance vision and you will still require glasses or bifocals to see clearly at distance and close up. With the Tecnis Toric lens you can greatly reduce your dependence on glasses though you will still require reading glasses for near vision.

Speaker 4: If having excellent distance vision and being less dependent on glasses would make your life better, the Tecnis Toric lens may be right for you. Precautions, if your eye is not healthy, you may not get the full benefits of the Tecnis Toric lens. Possible side effects with the Tecnis Toric lens may include swelling in the eye, the need for lens replacement or a second surgery. Ask your doctor if a premium lens like the Tecnis Toric lens is right for you. By correcting both your cataract and astigmatism, the Tecnis Toric lens can help you get the clear, crisp vision you deserve. In fact, surveys show that nearly 97% of Tecnis Toric lens patients would choose to have this lens again, so there's a lot to be said for the Tecnis Toric lens.

Speaker 3: It's pretty startling because the first thing you know is how much brighter everything is and how much brighter and the cleaner the colors are instead of a kind of a muddy film from the cataract, that's gone.

Speaker 2: Throughout my life, I guess the last few years of my life anyway, not knowing that everything was tinted brown and I get this new lens in and honestly it was like stepping out in the clear blue sky.

Speaker 1: I'm no longer just skimming through life. I'm seeing details sharply and it's been really fun.

Speaker 4: The lens you and your doctor choose for your cataract surgery will improve your vision in life. Reviewing your lifestyle, vision goals and lens options with your doctor prior to surgery will help you ensure that the lens you choose is right for you. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for the Tecnis Toric lens, you will be given additional information about the possible risks, complications and costs involved with the procedure. Look forward to freedom from cataracts and astigmatism with the Tecnis Toric lens. Look forward to more life from your vision.

Speaker 3: I didn't so much look at the cost, I looked at the benefit, but the cost would be worth it.

Speaker 1: The only bad thing about it all is that after I had both eyes done, I started looking around my house and I was like, Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how dirty my house is that I never saw before, and then I can see so clearly now.

Speaker 2: Do it now. Don't wait.

Speaker 1: We're all worth the Toric lens.

Speaker 4: Important indications and safety information for the Tecnis Toric 1-piece IOL. Reference the labeling for a complete listing of important indications and safety information. Approved use, the Tecnis Toric 1-piece intraocular lens IOL is an artificial lens designed to be placed inside a patient's eye to replace their natural lens after cataract surgery. The lens is used to correct corneal astigmatism, a focusing error in the eye where near and far objects appear blurry and to improve distance vision in adult patients.

Speaker 4: Talk to your eye doctor to find out if the Tecnis Toric IOL is right for you. Warnings, existing eye conditions and surgical difficulties may increase the risk of complications. Your doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for lens replacement. There is a possibility that the lens could be placed incorrectly or could move inside the eye and you may experience vision problems or distortions. This may require a second surgery to have your doctor correctly reposition the lens. Although you may be able to see better without glasses or contact lenses at far distances, you may still need reading glasses.

Speaker 4: Precautions, if your eye is not healthy, you may not get the full benefits of the Tecnis Toric IOL. Before surgery, your doctor will check to see if you have any eye diseases. If you wear contact lenses, your doctor may ask that you stop wearing them before being tested for the lens. Your doctor will tell you what activities to avoid while you are recovering from surgery. Side effects, side effects with the Tecnis Toric included the need for a second surgery to reposition the lens or repair the retina. Other side effects included swelling, thickening of the retina, and separation of the retina from the surrounding tissues. Caution, federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.