Los Angeles, CA | Patient Testimonials 2010-2011 | Opthalmology Associates of the Valley

Dr. Brad Elkins's patient gives a testimonial on her experience with her procedure.


Alan S.: Dr. Elkins prepared me perfectly, told me everything that would happen, be painless as it was.

Speaker 2: Would you recommend Dr. Elkins to a friend?

Linda M.: Not only would I, but I have to many friends. Anyone who has any kind of eye problem, Dr. Elkins and his office staff have always been extremely, exceedingly professional and thorough.

Dawn S.: I had the procedure done by him, and it's now been two or plus years. And it's the best thing I ever did. I tell everyone, "If you need that procedure, you should only go to him." I mean, he's the one who will do the right things for you. I wouldn't go to anyone else.