Los Angeles, CA | Dr. Elkins: Over 10,000 Lasik Procedures | Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley

Dr. Elkins's patient gives a testimonial about his Lasik procedure which changed his life.


Speaker 1: About two years ago, I made the best decision in my life and I got LASIK with Dr. Elkins. It was the best experience. I literally went to Coachella like two, three weeks after the procedure. It made it so much more fun than years past when I would travel or go to places with my glasses and it would be so annoying. And just playing basketball and working out and not having glasses on or worrying about the contacts. For real, it's the best decision you'll make. It's going to create a lot of freedom that you didn't know and you could throw away those damn glasses and not worry about it.

Speaker 1: My procedure was particular because I have really dry eyes and Dr. Elkins warned me beforehand, let me know it's going to be a little bit of a different experience than my friend who was also doing it. And the beauty is even on the Saturday morning after the procedure, he texted me, he said give him a call, shoot him an email if I need anything, come check in. Really I recommend doing LASIK, doing it with Dr. Elkins. He's one of the coolest doctors you'll ever meet. Super good energy. Definitely give him a ring.