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Explore Dr. Elkins patient giving a testimonial about his experience with Lasik surgery from Dr. Brad Elkins.


Speaker 1: I did a LASIK couple of years ago with Dr. Elkins, and everything went perfect. From the first consultation, made me feel super comfortable. He actually told me I couldn't have been a more perfect candidate for LASIK. I had been wearing contacts like ever since I was in sixth grade, so I didn't even really know how good or how much my life would change when I got LASIK. I'm a very active athlete. I love to travel. So within like two weeks after the surgery, the LASIK, I was actually often Europe, traveling for the first time in like 15 years. I could actually open my eyes underwater, which was amazing. Everything went really, really smooth. Dr. Elkins was there from A to Z, and I actually did it with my best friend, that we both did LASIK with Dr. Elkins and I would totally recommend him to anyone who's looking at the LASIK done.