Los Angeles, CA | Ana Robles Discusses Cataract Surgery | Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley

Ana Robles, treatment coordinator discusses the process for cataract surgery. She also reviews that most insurances cover the procedures.


Ana Robles: Hi, my name is Ana Robles. I'm the Surgery Coordinator for Dr. Brad Elkins. If you are interested in getting cataract surgery or if you think you may have a cataract, come on in, make a consultation or an evaluation. Dr. Elkins will determine whether or not you need surgery. We accept all major insurances. We're also Medicare providers. There's many different options available for cataract patients now, so if you're interested in getting rid of glasses, that is an option for you. Give us a call and we'll set it up. Again, my name is Ana Robles and hope to see you soon. Thanks.