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When it comes to choosing an eye doctor for you and your family, Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley (OAV) knows how important it is for you to holistically consider your options. In a huge area like Los Angeles, it may seem overwhelming to try and find a group that services both Encino and West Hills in California. To make it easier for you, the OAV team has compiled all of the online reviews in one spot. As you read through, our testimonials are from former and current patients, and we greatly appreciate the time they take to write them. Patient feedback allows us to ensure we continue maintaining our patient-centered perspective. We encourage you to read our customer testimonials and call us to schedule an appointment for additional information.

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Review from E.G.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 19, 2020

This is just a short Note to express my astonishing success story after being treated by Dr. David Aizuss, for cataract surgery during the very late part of November and early December 2019. My first contact was with the outrageously efficient and compassionate Jeanie Clarke, who is Dr. A's Surgical Coordinator. Jeanie is and was the best at keeping me informed of all aspects of my visits and future visits to their offices. Jeanie coordinated all aspects of pre-surgical and post-surgical appointments, and was on top of all matters pertaining to eye drops, appointments, drug interactions, and my expectations both before and after the surgeries. I cannot say enough good things about this very talented and skilled individual - who is really the first person a patient interfaces with when scheduling your eye surgery. So, everyone down or up the line in terms of staff, was cheerful, knowledgeable and well-schooled in the science of handling eye patients. All exams were conducted in the most professional manner and all aspects of the OAV were operated in the most efficient and skilled manner. All of the equipment used to measure, calibrate and record eye measurements leading up to the analysis of surgical vs. non-surgical intervention were "state-of-the-art" - and impressive. Even the Out-Patient facility utilized by Dr. Aizuss (Freedom Eye Surgical Center) was truly state-of-the-art and operated by the most qualified and experienced individuals. The Staff, surgical nurses and receptionists were highly trained in this specific area and nothing fell through the cracks. Now, as far as Dr. David Aizuss, he truly is my newest "Hero". Dr. A performed Intra Ocular Lens Implantation on my right and left eyes, one-week apart. The entire surgical experience was conducted in the most professional manner, with Dr. A explaining all aspects of the procedures I was about to undergo. I had pre-surgical exams and on the day of each surgery, I was treated like a member of the family - with all staff members expertly handling their own separate and distinct area of the surgical process. The actual surgery was completely painless, and I was given a thorough explanation of each and every aspect of what to expect while under the Laser and during the implant process. In each instance, Dr. A's explanation was thorough, comprehensive and understandable. Nothing was left as "guess-work" and I was prepared for each exam and each surgical procedure. Just one-day after each IOL was implanted I was restored to having excellent vision - pain free. I was overwhelmed by the new colors I was able to see and the visual acuity was astounding. As a few days went by I was even more amazed at how excellent my vision had been restored by Dr. A. Just one day after my second (left) eye was restored with an IOL, I was seeing colors and reading signs I was not able to see for the past 4 -5 years. Everything was bright and beautiful, and most particularly, in incredible focus. In conclusion, this was the very best result I could have hoped for, and Dr. A and his entire Staff of highly educated and specially trained personnel were the best anyone could have wished for. This was a nearly miraculous experience and one which I will always remember. My vision is terrific and still getting better each day. Thanks to everyone associated with Dr. Aizuss and OAV... Eric S. Gordon - I approve of this message... More

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