Los Angeles, CA | Alcon Activefocus Restor | Ophthalmology Associates of the Valley

This video discusses the Alcon Activefocus Restor 2.5 Multifocal Intraocular Lens. Which is the first hybrid design that delivers monofocal like distance with an extended range of vision of a multifocal intraocular lens.


Speaker 1: Introducing the Acrysof IQ ReSTOR +2.5 with ActiveFocus optical design IOL. The first and only hybrid design IOL that delivers monofocal-like distance with the extended range of vision of a multifocal interocular lens. ReSTOR +2.5 accomplishes this with a seven step proprietary apodized diffractive design for more efficient light management and heightened contrast sensitivity. The optimized number of steps provides an ad power of two diopters at the spectacle plane. The central portion is entirely dedicated to distance vision. And unlike traditional multifocal IOL, it directs a high percentage of light to the distance focal plane. This combined with negative spherical aberration results in contrast sensitivity comparable to the number one selling AcrySof IQ monofocal IOL.

Speaker 1: All multifocal like lenses attempt to balance the need for distance, medium and close range vision an advantage they hold over monofocal IOLs. However, the extended range of vision comes with compromises. Unlike traditional IOLs, ReSTOR +2.5 with ActiveFocus was designed to expand close range vision with contrast sensitivity comparable to a monofocal without increasing visual disturbances. A combination of halos, starbursts and glare may be frustrating for patients. A pair of glasses cannot improve most of these visual disturbances. ReSTOR +2.5 with ActiveFocus was designed to reduce distortions that cause halo and glare, a complaint that is common with multifocal IOLs. And the proprietary seven step design further reduces distortion.

Speaker 1: The design of the ReSTOR +2.5 ActiveFocus provides good vision across all distances in photopic conditions and reading in dim illumination can be managed, a pair of over the counter reading glasses is typically all it takes. Now with the help of the Acrysof IQ ReSTOR +2.5 ActiveFocus optical design IOL you can give your patients the best of both worlds.